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Loss - The Light
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This amazing band was formed recently at the start of the pandemic situation, but don't be fooled by the young age of the project! The musicians are experienced and know what they do; two of them came from a band called "Concreto", a rock band from Minas Gerais that was active for 25 years, and just before quarantine, Marcelo Loss sketched, between one beer and another, beside from friend and guitarist Edu Megale, a new musical project.
“We got together to have a chat. Afterwards, Edu sent me some riffs that I liked a lot. I wrote lyrics on top and, in a week, we had a composition ready", reminds the bassist and vocalist about the embryonic stage of the group that bears his name: Loss.
After about six months and also having drummer and ex-Concreto colleague Teddy Bronsk to complete the power trio, this new venture reaches its first EP released in October 2020. With four tracks, one of which already has a video clip “Burn Inside” which you can watch below, the EP “Let's Go” exudes a sound based on hard and stoner rock with heavy metal elements. All created very spontaneously and through the exchange of files online, due to the pandemic as attested by Megale, who in April 2021 decided to leave to dedicate himself to his other projects, Loss made official Adriano Avelar (ex-Caxakustica) as their new guitarist.
The EP "Let's Go" is on all digital platforms and there are clips for the songs "Burn Inside" and "Até Quando". "Still with Edu, we had a performance that was presented in several events of the 'Youbloom Festival', broadcasted from Ireland, Canada and England", revealed Teddy Bronsk.
The band Loss recently gave an interview to the European print magazine MTView Zine where they revealed a little more about their plans for the future. Now that they have been signed by the British label DyMM P&M, they intend to launch another new work soon and promote it through a European tour still under study due to the pandemic.

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Artist of DyMM P&M LTD London

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