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Pegasus Fantasy (Saint Seiya) - An Epic Collab by Dynnamo, Kebras, Loss and Caio Gaona

There existed an anime that captured the hearts of millions during the vibrant era of the 90s. Its name was "Knights of the Zod

iac", a tale of courage, friendship, and the power of dreams. Decades later, the spirit of this beloved anime was about to be revived in a remarkable way.

Deep within the creative realm of Phil Lima, the mastermind behind the music project Dynamo, a desire stirred within him. It was an unstoppable urge to breathe new life into the beautiful theme of "Knights of the Zodiac" called Pegasus Fantasy. Phil's passion for the anime ran deep, and he yearned to share his rendition with the world.

Driven by this calling, Phil sought the support of his label partners: Kebras, Marcelo from Loss band and Caio Gaona, a team brimming with experience and the same fervor for their craft. Together, they embarked on a mission to bring this extraordinary cover to life. Inspired by the Brazilian version previously performed by the renowned band Angra, they aimed to infuse it with even more magic.

But they didn't stop there. Determined to pay homage to the origins of "Knights of the Zodiac", Phil decided to include an additional excerpt in the enchanting language of Japanese. This decision was fueled by a desire to intensify the passion and authenticity of their release, captivating the hearts of fans both old and new.

As the project unfolded, each artist poured their heart and soul into the music, infusing it with their unique talents and dedication. With every note, they honored the legacy of the anime that had touched so many lives. This collaboration became more than just a tribute; it transformed into a profound and talented delivery of love and devotion to their craft.

The profound and talented delivery of these four projects had come to fruition, and their creation became an anthem of unity and shared passion. It became a testament to the enduring power of art and the boundless love that can be found within the hearts of those who create it.

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