For fans of Death, Morbid Angel and Deicide.

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Condemned to die - Soundblasted skin
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The band appeared in March 2018 as an idea between several members of the M.O.R.G. band, respectively Miguel Lima (guitars), Paulo Caetano (guitars), Jorge ”Turko” Paiva (drums) and David “Animal” Pedrosa (bass) due to the fact that they were forced to put the band on hold for health reasons by one of the members, and decided to create a different project with heavier influences.
In November 2018, Hugo Marinheiro joined as vocalist, thus completing the formation of SBS.Regarding launches - although the time is short and against us and we still can't say for sure which one will be released - ideas are flowing smoothly and an EP or album is inevitable.The band talks about several themes: consequences originated by several theaters of war around the world, the marks this leaves on participants and victims, human attitudes that lead to the previous point, the human being and his avid ability to self-destruct both physically, socially and psychologically.    The human being is intrinsically evil; it is up to the truly enlightened few to escape this impetus. A somewhat curious story was the fact that the band name was born from a communication error: after some time looking for a name that was, in a way, a mirror of what the band was starting to sound like, Paulo Caetano suggested the name Sandblasted Skin, which is the name of a Pantera song. However, the way it was said sounded Soundblasted Skin; we all liked that name, and our search ended there.SBS is a book that is starting to be written now, but that promises to have many pages - certainly with many mugs and funny situations to the mix - but that's just the icing on the cake!

We hope to have you with us!

See you soon, and Rock ON!


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